Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash w/Citronella


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New Citronella Wilderness Wash discourages pesky insects and is 100% natural.

Use sparingly! Wilderness Wash goes a long, long way and is gentle on fabrics but effective on stains. Although Wilderness Wash is rated biodegradable, Leave No Trace recommends washing dishes at least 100m from water sources.

TIP : We stock the 89ml and 100ml sizes, ideal for decanting into small bottles for overnighters and short trips but the right size without too much weight to take the whole bottle on extended trips.


  • Tough leak-proof bottle with small nozzle and secure lid

  • Phosphate and paraben free

  • Safe for personal use, pots, pans, clothes or any outdoor gear

  • Complies with airline carry-on regulations including TSA in the USA

  • Biodegradable and compostable (please wash well away from water sources)

  • Super thick concentrated formula

  • Citronella scented to deter bugs

Weighs 110g