Kula Cloth® was born during a trip to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington State. Anastasia Allison was enjoying a spectacular sunset over Robin Lakes when she stumbled upon a giant pile of toilet paper behind a larch tree.

She began researching Leave No Trace alternatives for toilet paper in the wilderness. She discovered the concept of a pee cloth and decided to try it, despite initially finding the idea a bit strange. She wasn't keen on using a bandana, so she opted for a small blue piece of microfibre instead.

This piece of fabric proved transformative for her. As a women's backpacking instructor for nearly a decade, she began encouraging all her students to use a pee cloth in the wilderness.

In jest, Anastasia started taking photos of her blue microfibre pee cloth in various stunning wilderness settings. While capturing a dramatic shot of her pee cloth on the Wind River High Route, she found herself wishing it looked cooler. This sparked the idea to design an intentional pee cloth—something she could proudly display on her pack. She wanted it to feel like a genuine piece of gear, not just an afterthought or a scrap of fabric.

After nearly three years of meticulous research (despite having zero experience in the textile industry and no clue how to use a sewing machine) and hundreds of hours of field testing with over 30 adventurous testers, she finalised the design, and Kula Cloth™ was born!

The mission of Kula Cloth® is to encourage 'Leave No Trace' practices by normalising conversations around hygiene through the use of an intentionally designed pee cloth. To cultivate a community of individuals who promote stewardship by leading by example. To use Kula as a vehicle for good in the world to support organisations, artists, and individuals working to diversify outdoor spaces.

Kula Cloth® believe that the sustainable and eco-friendly movement starts with YOU. It begins with YOUR commitment to protect the safety and human rights of the person next to you on the trail or in your community, regardless of their appearance or whom they love.

The Kula Cloth® is named after Kula Khangri, the tallest mountain in Bhutan. Anastasia completed a trek in Bhutan in 2011, which was a life-changing experience for her. Including the name of a peak symbolises the process of achieving anything in life—mountains are climbed one step at a time.


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Kula Cloth Antimicrobial Pee Cloth
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