With a rich heritage dating back to 1980, Terra Nova Equipment has been at the forefront of tent-making, producing some of the world's finest outdoor gear. Rooted in a "Best in Class" design philosophy, Terra Nova is dedicated to utilising and advancing the best components and materials available. Through rigorous testing in both laboratories and extreme environments worldwide, Terra Nova's award-winning products have earned the trust of outdoor professionals worldwide.

While Terra Nova's legacy is deeply rooted in mountain tents, the brand's evolution over the past 15 years has seen it emerge as a pioneer in crafting exceptionally lightweight gear, including some of the world's lightest tents.

Driven by a commitment to enhancing product performance while reducing environmental impact, Terra Nova focuses on creating durable goods that stand the test of time, with some tents lasting up to three decades. Research efforts are directed towards phasing out the use of PFCs in DWR coatings, with many Terra Nova tents featuring PFC-free, breathable inner tent fabric and some models transitioning to entirely PFC-free materials.

To further extend the lifespan of its products, Terra Nova offers repair services and a tent trade-in scheme, ensuring gear remains in use for as long as possible. The brand's dedication to innovation and design has earned it numerous awards, including accolades from Guinness World Records, cementing its reputation for excellence.

Terra Nova's expertise in specialist tent fabric and materials is unparalleled, with a history of pioneering developments such as the first PU/Silicone coated flysheet tent fabric and bonded seam technology. Each product undergoes rigorous testing in both laboratory settings and extreme environments worldwide, ensuring that Terra Nova delivers cutting-edge equipment built to endure the toughest conditions.

Since 1993, Terra Nova, along with Wild Country and Extremities, has been a part of the Terra Nova Equipment brand, collectively producing some of the market's most exceptional outdoor equipment.