Lawson Equipment, owned and operated by Lawson and Danielle Kline, embodies a deep passion for the outdoors, woven into every aspect of their lives. From backpacking and biking to canoeing and camping, Lawson's love for outdoor pursuits knows no bounds, with Danielle providing steadfast support for his adventurous spirit. Their two young daughters, following in their parents' footsteps, share a similar enthusiasm for nature's wonders.

Based in Young Harris, Georgia, Lawson Equipment is a family-owned manufacturing company dedicated to crafting high-quality outdoor gear in the USA, using the finest materials available on Earth. Specialising in braiding high-tech cordage, Lawson Equipment prides itself on producing only the best, with a motto that declares, "If we make it, it's the best there is."

Throughout history, inventions were inspired by nature. The idea of the fork came from a forked stick; the idea of the airplane came from a bird. But did you know there are no examples of wheels in nature? So it's often said, the wheel is the world's greatest invention. Many people wonder, when was the wheel invented and who invented it?

Delving into the intriguing legend behind Lawson Equipment's origins, legend has it that the invention of the wheel can be traced back to Hieronymus Kline in 3400 BC. As the story goes, driven by an insatiable thirst for his meticulously brewed Hefeweizen, Hieronymus dreamt that he made a potters wheel where he turned a lump of clay into a handsome stein that would hold as much beer as he could drink.

The next day he woke up early to a beautiful sunrise and singing birds. As he ate his breakfast, he decided today was the day to change the world as everyone knew it. So he tirelessly worked throughout the morning and by lunchtime he had invented and made the first wheel. That evening he was so excited by the possibilities of his new invention, the wheel, that he celebrated...the result?

A great, great, great grandson 179 generations after him named Lawson, the founder and owner of Lawson Equipment.

With Lawson and Danielle Kline at the helm, Lawson Equipment remains dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with the highest quality gear, rooted in a rich heritage of invention, adventure, and boundless imagination.



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