To work out whether you are travelling lightweight you first need to work out your ‘base weight’. The universally accepted weighing method to calculate your ‘base weight’, is to place all the contents for your trip into your rucksack minus food, water and any items you will be wearing.

  • Lightweight is classed as below 20 Pounds/9.1kg. (Anything below 10kg is easy)
  • Ultralight is below 10 Pounds/4.5kg. (You are now able to run with the pack)
  • Super-Ultralight is below 5 Pounds/2.3kg. (You can almost forget it’s there!) 

The shelter, sleeping system and pack are considered to be 'The Three Heavies' when it comes to travelling lightweight and so they are a great place to start when trying to limit the kg’s you are piling on your back!