Since 1985, GSI Outdoors has been dedicated to enhancing outdoor dining experiences. Born from the childhood adventures of founders Don, Ian, and Kathy Scott in British Columbia, GSI Outdoors infuses the comforts of home into outdoor adventures, whether summiting mountains or cheering from the sidelines of a soccer game. The belief that food brings people together and tastes better outdoors drives their passion.

Now headquartered in Spokane, Washington, amidst the picturesque Rocky Mountain foothills of the Inland Northwest, GSI Outdoors remains a family-owned company committed to crafting thoughtful and innovative gear. Starting with blue enamel tableware, the company has expanded its offerings to include technical, innovative, and fun outdoor cookware and gear for eating and drinking.

Committed to responsible manufacturing and environmental stewardship, GSI Outdoors prioritises innovation, efficiency, and durability in design. Their outdoor cooking products are built to last generations, with a focus on reducing their carbon footprint and using recyclable materials. 

As founding members of the Outside Industry Association Climate Action Corps, they collaborate with industry leaders to measure and reduce greenhouse emissions, aligning with national environmental organisations to keep the planet healthy and accessible for all.

GSI Outdoors continues to explore new frontiers, creating gear, solutions, and innovations for unforgettable outdoor dining experiences under the open sky.

GSI outdoors provides you with everything you need, with the exception of the coffee beans to get your morning caffeine fix. Coffee filters and aluminium cups are a speciality of theirs. 

Beyond coffee related equipment they also stock cutting boards, salt and pepper shakers, and sauce (condiments) bottle sets, all compact and lightweight. These items can seamlessly store in your backpack with the rest of your camp kitchen gear. 

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a novice explorer GSI Outdoors has a plethora of products designed to enhance your culinary experiences when you’re out in the wild. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What cookware should I take camping? 

A portable stove will allow you to boil water for hot drinks and heat meals. Ensure you take compact, lightweight pans, bowls, and cutlery. Take only what you need and remember most campsites will have facilities for you to wash up.

Is it easy to eat healthily when camping?

Check out our blogs Wilderness Cooking: Eating Well In The Wild and Hiking and Nutrition: The Essentials. If you’re well prepared and do your research eating healthily well camping is something you can do relatively easily.

How to camp lightly? 

When choosing gear opt for lightweight options. Steer away from bulky items. Only pack what you need and avoid over packing. Practice packing your backpack to ensure items are evenly distributed and it’s comfortable to wear. 

Your backpack is likely to be lighter during summer months when less kit is needed. Store items inside each other to make the most of the room in your bag. A saucepan is the perfect home for clean socks.