Wildo’s journey began with the creation of the perfect product over 40 years ago, culminating in the iconic Original Fold-A-Cup®. Designed for simplicity and functionality, this folding cup is celebrated worldwide for its practicality. It can hold up to 250 ml of liquid, yet folds down to just 3 cm, making it an ideal space-saving solution for any outdoor pack.

Rooted in the Swedish tradition of Allemansrätt, or the Right of Public Access, Wildo embodies a deep love for nature and a passion for adventure. The company’s origins trace back to 1979, when the need for easy-to-use, functional, and durable outdoor products became evident. The result was a line of compact eating utensils designed to withstand rough conditions, be lightweight for easy transport, and highly appreciated by users.

The collaboration between a passionate inventor and a former Swedish Army captain gave rise to a product line that defied the buy-and-throw-away era. Their combined experience and understanding of outdoor requirements led to the introduction of innovative tableware and accessories for the outdoor world.

The Fold-A-Cup gained significant recognition, being featured in designer Tom Dixon’s book "Rethink" as a testament to functional design. Furthermore, Svensk Form granted artist protection to the Fold-A-Cup, classifying it as a work of art and securing its design from replication—a testament to its lasting impact.

Today, Wildo remains committed to producing durable gear that facilitates sustainable outdoor living. 


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