For lightweight and multi-purpose outdoor skincare and hygiene, check out Intrepid Explorer. The Intrepid Explorer offers a range of essential outdoor skincare products that are small enough to travel with you wherever you roam but big enough to give you everything you need, wherever you are.

These products are perfect for cyclists, campers, climbers, wild campers, bikepackers, overlanders, and other intrepid explorers who need hygiene and skincare protection but need to travel light.

Meet the Founder:

Clivina Wills, a true lover of nature and adventure seeker, got tired of lugging around bulky products that were over 90% water. As a qualified natural skincare formulator, Clivina combined her skills and love of nature to develop a solution. After over a year of research and formulating with chemists, she created products that address common pain points and are good for both nature and users. The products are concentrated (like Hair & Body Wash) or dual-purpose (like Moisturiser & Insect Repellent), reducing the number of items needed for travel. All ingredients used are environmentally friendly.