In 1999, Matt Hart launched TORQ Performance Consultancy, drawing on his Sports Science degree, ten years of Fitness Consultancy in London's financial district, and elite XC Mountain Biking experience. From this consultancy, TORQ naturally evolved into a leading Performance Nutrition brand.

Drawing on insights from coaching experiences, TORQ recognised the pivotal role of nutrition in optimising training adaptation. Today, they continue to collaborate with athletes and active individuals, delivering unparalleled coaching and nutritional guidance. 

Research is the cornerstone of TORQ's philosophy. Rather than merely funding studies, TORQ immerses itself in research, absorbing insights to craft superior, high-functioning products. Pure, potent natural ingredients form the bedrock of TORQ's formulations, often certified organic by the Soil Association or bearing the Fairtrade mark to support farmers in developing nations.

TORQ's dedication to quality extends beyond ingredients. Eschewing chemical sweeteners and artificial additives, TORQ meticulously crafts products with unparalleled natural flavour profiles. From functionality to usability, packaging design to taste, TORQ refuses to compromise, relentlessly pursuing perfection.

With a roster of high-profile teams, athletes, and ambassadors who swear by TORQ products, sponsorship isn't just about support—it's about mutual admiration and trust. TORQ's own teams in mountain biking, triathlon, track cycling, and running exemplify this ethos, fuelled, educated, and empowered by TORQ.

Used by elite XC mountain bikers, marathon runners, and even firefighters and motorsport professionals, TORQ products are trusted companions in every endurance endeavour. Guided by peer-reviewed scientific research, TORQ remains steadfast in its commitment to providing honest, effective performance nutrition solutions, never wavering from its philosophy of excellence.