Founded in the 1920s in a small Tokyo storefront, Evernew has spent over 90 years designing, manufacturing, and reinventing quality products for the outdoor recreation and sports industry. Over its long history, Evernew has grown to become a design and manufacturing leader in Japan. Today, the company proudly brings its line of titanium cookware to outdoor adventurers in North America.

The transition from earlier generations of backpacking cookware to modern titanium models began in the early 1990s. At that time, cookware was typically made from aluminium or stainless steel. Aluminium, though lightweight, lacked durability, while stainless steel was strong but heavy.

Evernew sought a material that could address both weight and durability challenges. Titanium emerged as the ideal solution, but it wasn’t available in the necessary thicknesses for lightweight cookware. Industry experts deemed the target thickness unattainable.

Refusing to give up, Evernew turned to Tsubame, a city in Japan’s snowy Niigata prefecture with a century-long history of fine metal craftsmanship. After two years of research and development with Tsubame’s skilled craftsmen, Evernew was ready for full-scale production and national market sales.

Continuous improvements in design and manufacturing processes made Evernew's products increasingly cost-effective and accessible. By 2000, Evernew achieved the capability to manufacture titanium at a thickness of 0.3mm, a significant reduction from the industry standard of 0.4mm, resulting in a 20% weight reduction.

Evernew’s mission is to continue engineering the lightest and strongest titanium cookware, enabling outdoor enthusiasts to cover more miles and spend more time in the great outdoors.

Their titanium cookware collection includes the ultralight pots in various sizes (0.6L, 0.9L, and 1.3L), known for their durability and lightweight design. They also provide versatile storage solutions with wide-mouth storage bottles in different shapes and sizes, ensuring convenience and ease of use. The drinkware line features titanium cups and mug pots, including the 400ml, 570ml, 760ml cups, and the 500ml mug pot, all crafted to be ultralight and strong. Additionally, the Evernew TI Stove DX Set and the ultralight deep pot 0.6L further emphasise their commitment to lightweight, reliable gear for outdoor adventures.