Lifesystems stands as a trusted ally for those who seek the thrill of exploration and the challenges of the unknown. As part of a dedicated 50-person team of product developers and true travel experts, Lifesystems is committed to supplying top-tier expedition gear to specialist outdoor retailers like Valley and Peak. Driven by their own passion for adventure, the Lifesystems team understands the demands of the journey, ensuring their gear is perfectly suited for the task.

Rooted in British design, Lifesystems products are crafted using the latest materials and techniques, resulting in gear that combines durability with innovation. Each design is meticulously considered, providing adventurers with the tools they need to maximise their adventures. Lifesystems' mission is to empower individuals to venture further, equipped with the confidence that they are prepared for anything. With exceptional expedition gear, Lifesystems ensures that every adventure, big or small, is undertaken with the utmost security and preparedness.

"As a young traveller I ventured off the beaten track regularly, but one day, far from civilisation, I needed urgent medical attention. Luckily I was with a nearly qualified doctor, Ania Koziell who always carried a makeshift bag of first aid equipment. So I questioned: How would I have coped without my doctor travelling companion? "When I returned home, I worked in collaboration with Ania, as well as leading expedition and emergency medical experts to develop the UK’s first travel specific first aid kit in 1989. Since then we have continually developed, using scientific innovation and leading-edge research to provide a huge range of expedition gear that enables you to experience the world’s toughest adventures."

Mark Cobham - Lifesystems Founder