Shop trekking poles and accessories at Backpacking Light. Trekking poles or walking poles provide stability and support on all your outdoor adventures, whether you're hiking, trekking, or backpacking. Accessorise with trekking baskets, expander sets, and rubber tips for added versatility. 

Trekking poles offer numerous benefits for hikers, especially in challenging terrains or conditions. They enhance balance and stability on slippery or snowy trails, aid in testing icy surfaces, and provide a sense of security in wildlife areas. Additionally, trekking poles facilitate navigating through dense vegetation, offer support on steep ascents and descents, and contribute to a more vigorous full-body workout by engaging the arms. Moreover, they can help alleviate hand swelling by keeping them closer to the heart and serve as supports for ultralight shelters, reducing pack weight and ensuring preparedness for emergency situations during both day hikes and longer excursions.

Improve your balance, reduce stress on your joints, and make every step count with the best trekking poles from brands such as Mountainsmith and Fizan.


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