Discover an extensive range of camping equipment, including head torches, camp furniture, medical kits and so much more. All from trusted brands we know and love such as  Big Agnes, Hydrapak, and Mountainsmith

Whether you’re packing for an ultralight thru-hike, polar expedition, or wild camping trip, we have the camping equipment you need to embrace the outdoors.

Our collection of camping equipment has been carefully selected to cater to various needs. We stock torches to light the way to camp, bug spray to keep irritating insects at bay, and hydration packs to ensure you’re never without a refreshing drink. 

We also offer a range of other essentials such as, hard-wearing backpacks, water purification systems to ensure clean drinking water, tents to provide shelter, and a range of portable stoves and cookware allowing you to cook delicious hot meals even in the most remote areas. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a must to bring camping?
  • It goes without saying first and foremost you’ll need a sturdy tent or shelter to protect you from the elements.
  •  A suitable sleeping bag; take into consideration the climate when purchasing to ensure you’re not going to be too hot or cold. 
  • Enough food for the entirety of your trip, and water, or a water purification system. This may not be as important if you’re staying somewhere close to local amenities. 
  • Appropriate breathable and comfortable clothing that you can layer during cooler months or evenings. 
  • This one’s self explanatory, a well stocked first aid kit. 
  • A torch to help guide you back to your tent in the evening or help you navigate your route to the camp toilets. 
  • If you’re camping in the summer months don’t forget your sun protection especially if you’re camping with kids. 
What should you not bring camping?

Leave valuables that could get lost or stolen, such as expensive jewelry, at home. Switch off from electronics and leave iPads and tablets at home, bring a book instead.

Avoid overpacking, especially if backpacking as this can make your experience uncomfortable. Opt for un-bulky lightweight kit wherever possible. 

Where possible avoid bringing single-use plastics and other non-biodegradable materials that can harm the environment. 

Strong perfumes and lotions may attract unwanted wildlife such as wasps so they’re best to be avoided.

What is the best surface for camping? 

The best camping surface is flat and well-drained. Many established camp sites have designated gravel or dirt tent pitches that are flat and stable. Regardless of your pitches surface we would recommend using a sleeping pad to increase comfort when settling down for the night. 

Ensure you clear away any dirt and debris that could tear your tent before setting up. Wherever you camp prioritise the Leave No Trace principle to minimise your impact on the environment and leave the surface useable for future campers. 

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