Based in Hokkaido, Japan, Munieq believes that tools become simpler and more effective when they focus solely on necessary functions. This philosophy of minimalism guides Munieq's design process, resulting in outdoor gear that is both simple and compact, yet incredibly functional.

Munieq’s approach to gear design emphasises:

  • Minimalism: By stripping away unnecessary features, Munieq creates tools that are easy to store and transport.
  • Essential Functionality: Each product is crafted to fulfill its intended purpose with precision and efficiency.
  • Unique Perspective: Munieq’s gear offers a fresh take on outdoor equipment, prioritising innovation and practicality.

One of Munieq's standout products is the Tetra Drip, a foldable triangular coffee dripper that epitomises portability and stability. The Tetra Drip is lightweight and user-friendly, designed to pair perfectly with cone-shaped filter paper. Whether you're camping, hiking, or traveling, the Tetra Drip allows you to enjoy hand-brewed drip coffee anytime, anywhere.

Munieq's commitment to creating simple, compact outdoor gear ensures that each item is easy to store and transport, without compromising on quality or performance. Their products are designed with all the necessary functions in mind, providing outdoor enthusiasts with reliable tools that enhance their adventures.

Munieq continues to innovate from its base in Hokkaido, bringing a minimalist, functional, and unique perspective to the world of outdoor gear. Their dedication to simplicity and essential functionality makes Munieq a trusted choice for those who value efficiency and elegance in their outdoor equipment.


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