In the heart of Finland's lush landscapes, Kupilka tells a story that spans generations. Inspired by ancient traditions of gathering around the fire with a trusty cup in hand, Kupilka's journey began long before modern times.

The tale starts with Kuisma, a man brewing homemade delights in 1775. Using ancestral wisdom, he carved a cup—dubbed the "Magpie Cup"—to savour his brews. Centuries later, a family with a knack for crafting bowls and cups decided to venture beyond Helsinki's hustle to embrace nature's embrace in Eastern Finland.

Driven by ethical values and an eco-conscious mindset, they settled in Kontiolahti, North Karelia, where green energy fuelled their dreams. Their encounter with Kareline® Natural Fibre Composites in neighbouring Puugia sparked a revolution.

In 2003, Heikki Koivurova and Kari Kuisma reimagined the historic cup as the Kupilka 21, crafted from Kareline®. This marked the birth of Kupilka as we know it today. Transitioning to Kareline® manufacturing in 2011, Kupilka merged tradition with innovation.

Their Kareline® composite, a blend of eco-friendly cellulose fibres and food-grade polyolefins, embodies their commitment to sustainability. From classic bowls to small plates and sporks, Kupilka's products bridge ancient heritage with modern functionality.

As the family legacy continues, Kupilka remains rooted in Finland's forests, crafting durable, eco-friendly products that honor nature's gifts. With each sip and story shared around their cups, Kupilka ensures that tradition lives on, one cup at a time.

Kupilka provide recyclable and dishwasher safe cups, plates and cutlery that are light to carry on your hiking and camping trips.