From Nalgene’s humble beginnings in laboratory equipment to becoming a staple in outdoor gear, Nalgene were founded in 1949 by chemist Emanuel Goldbery where the Nalge Company initially produced plastic lab bottles. These bottles, with their durability and leak-proof screw tops, gained popularity among outdoor scientists in the 1960s for fieldwork.

Recognising their potential as camping gear, Nalgene’s president marketed the bottles to outdoor enthusiasts, birthing the iconic wide-mouth bottle. Known for its robustness and versatility, it became a camping essential.

Amidst concerns about BPA in the mid-2000s, Nalgene transitioned to Tritan, a BPA-free material. Tritan Renew, introduced in 2020, integrates 50% recycled content, reflecting Nalgene’s commitment to sustainability.

Operating out of New York, Nalgene produces millions of bottles annually, prioritising domestic sourcing to reduce environmental impact. Their bottles, backed by a lifetime warranty, are designed to withstand a lifetime of adventures and are recyclable.

No gimmicks or frills. Just simply designed, built-to-last bottles by your side, along for the ride –– so you can connect to what matters most. 

What's so special about Nalgene water bottles? They're renowned for their durability, leak-proof design, portability, large capacity, wide-mouthed opening, graduated markings, widespread availability, and customisability. The wide mouth allows for quick refills, especially handy when dipping it into a river, while also making it suitable for winter use without freezing your hands. The bottle can also withstand pouring boiling water. For those times when disposable bottles are preferred, they offer a cost-effective and surprisingly resilient alternative, recyclable for sustainability. A Nalgene bottle can also double as a hot water bottle on chilly camping nights, providing extra warmth when placed in a sock or stocking cap at the bottom of your sleeping bag.


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