Gear Aid provides practical solutions for hikers and campers facing the wear and tear of their gear. Whether it's a jacket snagged while climbing, a tent with a tear, or a backpack worn from heavy use, Gear Aid helps restore your equipment for future adventures.

At Gear Aid, they view repairs as opportunities to extend the life of your gear and preserve the stories behind them. A patched hole in your hiking trousers recalls a slip on a rocky crag, while tent stitches remind you of a stormy night in the Peaks. These repairs turn imperfections into memories, reflecting the journey of outdoor exploration.

Dedicated to sustainability, Gear Aid encourages long-term use of outdoor gear to benefit both users and the environment. They provide guidance on sealing, cleaning, and patching, helping keep gear in use and out of landfills.

Based in Bellingham, Washington, Gear Aid is situated near prime outdoor locations like Bellingham Bay, North Puget Sound, the Cascade mountains, and the San Juan Islands. This region's diverse weather conditions, including an annual rainfall of about 36 inches, provide an ideal testing ground for Gear Aid’s waterproofing tools and patches.

Gear Aid offers a range of products to care for, repair, and refresh hiking and camping gear.