Founded by Ray Aldridge, Common Gear is rooted in a lifelong love for backpacking nurtured amid the stunning trails of the Sierras. Raised by parents who met on a Sierra Club trip and continued backpacking even with a baby in tow, Ray's affinity for the outdoors was inevitable. His formal education as a materials engineer provided the expertise needed to transform his passion into innovative solutions.

The genesis of Common Gear occurred during a backpacking trip when Ray lost the cap to his favourite ultralight water bottle. Determined to find a solution, he embarked on a mission to design the perfect bottle cap and tether. After months of experimentation, the first Common Gear product was born.

Ray's upbringing in the Bay Area positioned San Francisco as the ideal hub for Common Gear's development. The city's proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountains and its technological innovation provided the perfect backdrop. Leveraging high-tech manufacturing facilities and expertise from Silicon Valley, Common Gear utilises carbon fibre composite polymer construction in its products.

From the outset, Common Gear's mission has been clear: to solve simple problems faced by ultralight backpackers. The brand name itself, "Common Gear," reflects this vision—a testament to gear that is essential yet unobtrusive, seamlessly blending into the backpacking experience.

Despite being in its early stages, Common Gear shows promise. With a commitment to American manufacturing and a dedication to enhancing the backpacking experience, the brand's future looks bright. Ray's focus remains on the trail, ensuring that Common Gear products serve their purpose without detracting from the beauty of the journey.

Common Gear's story underscores the power of passion, innovation, and determination. By addressing overlooked challenges with simple yet effective solutions, the brand has carved a niche in the ultralight backpacking community. For Ray, it's about creating products that enhance the mountain experience while allowing nature to take centre stage.