Katadyn Group, an award-winning Swiss-owned leader in water safety products, has been at the forefront of innovation for military, industrial, and travel uses. For over 80 years, Katadyn has developed cutting-edge expertise in water-treatment systems, producing high-quality products used extensively by humanitarian aid organisations and the military.

Katadyn's pioneering designs feature a sophisticated four-stage filtration process. The outer shell of the tap filter, made from microporous ceramic, effectively filters out pathogenic bacteria and protozoan cysts. This ceramic is impregnated with bacteriostatic silver during manufacturing, preventing bacterial reproduction. The core of the filter contains activated carbon to absorb organic particles, while synthetic zeolite reduces and absorbs selected heavy metals present in the water. These elements combine to create state-of-the-art filter technology that ensures water safety and purity.

Operating under the maxim "Sustaining life no matter where," the Katadyn Group delivers safe, simple, and sustainable Swiss hydration and nutrition solutions across various sectors, including outdoor, marine, tactical, emergency preparedness, humanitarian, and commercial. The founding brand, Katadyn, has been a pioneer in personal water treatment systems for over 90 years and is a global leader in portable water treatment solutions.

Whether hiking, camping, enjoying active sports or on an expedition, their solutions ensure safe drinking water is always within reach.