Pure Clear Life Filter Water Cartridge


Most filters that we see in today's market are Ultrafiltration (UF) filters combined with a carbon block. If you are looking for a filter to protect you or your family from outdoor water source contaminants it must protect from Waterborne Viruses NOT just Bacteria, Parasites and the other usual contaminants.

In today's world of clever advertising, it is easy for companies to distract you from this fact. Our filter is as thorough as a filter can be, and our advice is clear, read the filter details before you purchase a filter bottle. Does the filter remove PFOA's, Viruses, Trace Pharmaceuticals, Endotoxins and Chemical reduction? If not, then you are at a very real risk of these contaminants that are present in our water sources, and they can make you seriously ill.

  • Features

    The Pure Clear® - Life Filter® Water Cartridge is compatible with the Pure Clear® - Life Filter® product range only.
    Protects against bacteria, waterborne viruses, parasites, microplastics, heavy metals, chlorine, trace pharmaceuticals, PFOA's, endotoxins and much more.
    Our filters are rigorously and independently tested to give the best possible filtration performance in compliance with the NSF and ANSI drinking water requirements.
    The Pure Clear® - Life Filter® Water Cartridge was scientifically designed to help reduce internal bacteria growth within the filter.
    This is an advanced filter not a UF (Ultra Filtration) filter with an added carbon block.
    The Pure Clear® - Life Filter® Water Cartridge uses breakthrough electro-adsorptive technology with powder activated carbon and not mechanical filter media like other filters.
    Your purchase makes a difference by contributing 1400 litres of pure, clean, safe drinking water to those that need it most.

    At Pure Clear® we do not believe in long life filters for use in filter bottles. Long life filters have a tendency to repeatedly block and suffer an increased pull resistance (it becomes more and more difficult to draw fluid through the filter as the filter life increases). Many filter bottle companies highlight statistics of the filter performance after just a short period of filtration time, they do not offer the statistics of the filter towards the end of its life. Imagine a battery full of charge, producing a large amount of power, compared with a battery at the end of its life, producing little power output. The long life filter performance will change over time, and the longer you use it, the lower the filtration performance will be. Long life filters tend to be hollow (UF) and over a short period of time bacteria can grow within the filter itself and become harmful. The carbon block that filters most of the real unpleasant contaminants does not have the same shelf life as the filter itself, usually the carbon life is 200 litres but because the long life filter is advertised at 2000-4000 litres customers think it is safe to use for that amount of time, they are wrong. Therefore, we keep our filter life short. We recommend you change our filter after 200 litres or 2 months, which is the equivalent of 400 standard plastic 50cl water bottles that cost on average £1 each. If you calculate that, its £400 in plastic water bottles vs the cost of our water filter, you can save huge amounts of money and the environment at the same time. We even have a month indicator on the filter housing to remind you when you put the filter in the bottle so you don't change it too early.

  • Specifications

    Bacteria 99.9999%
    Waterborne Viruses 99.9959%
    Parasites 99.999%
    Cysts 99.999%
    Microplastics 99%
    Heavy Metals 95%
    Chlorine 90%
    Particulates Yes
    Polysaccharides (TEP) Yes
    Turbidity Yes
    Colloids Yes
    Endotoxin Yes
    Chemical reduction Yes
    Trace Pharmaceuticals Yes
    Filter Life 200L or 2 months = 400 x 50cl plastic water bottles. The life of the filter can be extended by drying out the filter and storing it after use