NORTENT Gamme 6 PC 4 Season Tent

By Nortent

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The inspiration for this tent comes in fact from an ancient Norwegian form of a hut. The Gamme has been used since the first people came to Norway and used by the Sami until today. The Gamme gave shelter and security to the indigenous people over centuries.

We have used a fabric that takes the best from two worlds, with the good properties of synthetic fabric and the good properties of cotton. With the Hybrid fabric consisting of polyester and cotton, we present a strong, breathable and relatively light fabric, compared to a 100% cotton canvas. This means that you can still pack the tent into the backpack, with the breathable and insulating properties of a cotton tent. To prevent the polycotton fabric from absorbing dirt and moisture from the ground, we have installed a very robust nylon section at the very bottom of the tent. This is able to withstand a rougher treatment where you may load it with snow and stones to make the tent even more stable in inclement weather.

Gamme 6 PC has a total of 5 poles that crosses at seven different points. In addition to the fact that this tent is free-standing with five aluminium poles, The Gamme 6 PC provides a hugely strong construction that can withstand severe weather and heavy snow-load

  • Features

    Gamme 6 PC is designed for use of a stove. Being able to have a warm, pleasant, and cosy tent is something we believe lifts the adventure to completely new levels. While the storm rages outside with ice-cold winds and rain, one can enjoy an indescribable comfort inside the tent with 20-30 degrees Celcius. With the hybrid fabric you achieve an even greater indoor climate.

    In addition, the wood burning stove is also a natural place for heating water, cooking, etc. Together with our titanium or stainless wood stove you have a warm, safe, robust and mobile retreat whether you're up in the mountains, on the vast plains or in the deepest forest.

    The flysheet for Gamme 6 PC is a hybrid fabric where two different worlds meet another. The polycotton fabric consists of a mixture of synthetic polyester and natural cotton. (PC polyester, cotton). Polyester reduces weight and at the same time helps to strengthen the fabric with its rip-stop properties compared to a 100% cotton fabric which would perform weaker in that regard. The cotton in the fabric makes the polycotton breathable in such a way that humid air passes through the fabric (does not hit the wall and create condensation), but at the same time protects against rain and precipitation from the outside. With the breathable fabric condensation is close to zero inside the tent. This means that you don't require an inner tent to protect from dripping wet inside walls. The inner tent is more a neccessity on synthetic, non-breathable fabrics, where condensation builds up more easily. The breathable fabric provides a minimum of condensation and the indoor climate is experienced as much drier and warmer compared to pure synthetic tents.

    Gamme 6 is equipped with a total of 6 air-valves. 4 in the top of the tent where moist air is able to escape out of the tent, and 2 large air vents further down the tent for suction of air into the tent while providing plenty of oxygen if using a stove. This contributes to further ventilation in the tent. The PC fabric regulates the temperature inside if it gets too hot. On particularly hot days where there is an extra need for ventilation in the tent, you can also open the two doors to regulate the air flow further. In addition, it has sewn in mosquito nets in both entrances that keep the insects out when you want to keep the door open on the hot summer days. You may even use an inner tent to block out creepy bugs entirely.

  • Specifications

    Fabric: Polycotton, 35% cotton 65% polyester
    Oxford nylon: lower section.
    Dyneema reinforcement
    Pegs: 24 Y-peg
    Pole: 5 pcs, 15,2 mm aluminium
    Guylines: 10 (14) pcs, Dyneema.
    Min weight (without pegs ): 12,7 kg
    Max weight (with pegs): 13,5 kg
    Height: 185 cm
    Diameter: 370 cm

    Gamme 6 PC is a spacious tent with a height of 185 cm and a diameter of 370 cm, It has 14 fastening points along the flysheet to accomplish the aerodynamic spherical shape. The Gamme 6 PC is an extremely strong and steady tent that can withstand most weather conditions. In most cases, side guyout points are redundant. However, gamme 6 PC is equipped with 10 (4 additional backups) side guyout points all around the tent to further enhance its performance in extreme weather conditions. This tent is a perfect choice in any situation, both in Summer and Wintertime. To ensure that the tent stands steady as a rock, you can stake the 14 stake fittings with our flexible plug/ stakeout-system, to almost nail it to the ground. If this should not be enough to ensure a good night's sleep in rough weather, you can also add snow/ dirt/ stones over the snow skirt to stabilise it even further. Notice! Do not leave your tent unattended during snowfall. Build up of too much snow on the flysheet will eventually damage the tent.