Cold Case Gear Accessory Attachment Kit


You love your new West Slope thermal Case, but you're worried about it falling off when you're not looking. Not only is it frustrating to have your phone fall off of your case, but it can also be dangerous if you're hiking and your phone falls out.

The accessory strap kit is the perfect solution for keeping your phone safe and secure. With carabiner and velcro straps, you can attach your phone case to anything - backpacks, boats, trees, fences - anything!

  • Features

    The CCG thermal cases are great but what if it falls in a river? That's where our Attachment kit comes in. The accessory strap kit has the perfect solution! It's safe and makes it the perfect addition to any family adventure. What sets CCG's accessory kit apart from other competitors is in the high quality we’ve invested into designing this product.

    Key Benefits

    Simple Yet Strong: Get rid of those cheap, poor performing attachment kits. This kit is stronger, lighter and yet effective.

    Double Straps: Its double straps give it additional grip to keep your thermal phone case well secured.

    High Quality Material: You'll enjoy using these aircraft-grade aluminium carabiners for many years longer.

    Lightweight and One Hand Operation: These lightweight carabiners can be operated with one hand, making them very easy to take around.

    Where can they be attached to?

    - Can be attached to anything ranging from your backpacks to your boat. Where you choose, this kit is here to help you out.