Pure Clear 2 Litre Water Hydration Bladder


When your excursion requires a hands-free approach and hydration is required, Pure Clear® brings you our Hydration Bladder with extending tube and magnet.

he Hydration Bladder has a superior seal inside the bladder cap to prevent leakage under physical pressure. Weighing just 159 grams and with a water capacity of 2 litres the bladder has 2 location restraints built into the seam to allow the Hydration Bladder to be held into place during rigorous movement such as cycling or hiking. The water drinking tube comes with an additional extension tube to prevent difficulty when drinking from the tube itself, and can be held into place via a tube magnet preventing the tube swinging during movement. The Hydration Bladder tube is compatible with the Pure Clear® LifeFilter® which can be attached to the Hydration Bladder to enable the water to be filtered, meaning the Hydration Bladder can be filled from any outdoor water source.

  • Features

    Ideal for hands free activities such as vigorous hiking, mountaineering, camping, long walks and sport such as cycling.

    Location restraints built into the seem to keep the bladder in place within a backpack or secure to a location.

    New superior cap seal to prevent leakage when the Bladder is placed under physical pressure.

    Additional extending drinking tube means the bladder can be placed further away from the user.

    Strong drinking tube magnet that keeps your tube in perfect position throughout the Bladders use.

    Compatible with the Life Filter® Personal and Survival LifeStraw, the Pure Clear® Water Hydration Bladder can be attached via the drinking tube, allowing the bladder to be filled from outside water sources and then filtered into clean drinkable water.

    Your purchase makes a difference, for every product purchased Pure Clear Filters provides 1400 litres of pure, clean and safe drinking water to those that need it most.

  • Specifications

    Colour - Blue
    Size - 350x180x25mm
    Tube Magnet - Yes
    Weight - 159 Grams
    Fluid Capacity - 2 Litres
    Handle - N/A
    Lid - PP
    Body - TPU
    Compatible Filter - Compatible with the Life Filter for filtered water.
    Included - Hydration bladder, drinking tube and quick release mouthpiece, extension drinking tube, tube retaining magnet
    Filter Life - N/A