Vargo Ultimate Fire Starter

By Vargo


The Ultimate Fire Starter™ provides everything you need to start a roaring fire except the fuel. Simply unscrew the ferro rod from the bellows and use the integrated scraper to ignite any tinder. Then, extend the bellows and gently blow to nurture that spark into a flame. Or use it anytime to help increase the heat of your fire. Great for getting stubborn or wet fuel to burn, too!

Patent Pending 29/267,283


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction

  • Extendable bellows

  • Integrated ferro rod

  • Attached ferro striker

  • Convenient carrying clip


  • Weight: 53 grams

  • Length extended: 46 cm

  • Length collapsed: 15.2 cm

How to Use

Simply unscrew the ferro rod from the bellows and use the attached striker to create 2760°C sparks to light your tinder. Then, extend the bellows, aim it at the base of the fire, and blow smoothly to add more oxygen and exponetially increase the fire's heat. Increasing the heat allows you to get a fire growing faster, even with wet or stubborn fuel. Or use it at anytime to get forge level heat from your fire. Now wet wood is no longer an excuse or obstacle to having a hot blaze at your campsite.