Therm-A-Rest Z Lite


Lightest, most compact closed-cell foam pad.

A backpacking icon, the Original Z Lite closed-cell foam sleeping pad is ultralight, virtually indestructible, and highly compact. Molded into a system of heat-trapping dimples, the proprietary foams are softer on top of the pad for extra comfort and denser on the bottom for boosted durability. The accordion-style design allows for the Z Lite to be unfurled into a sleeping pad, folded into a convenient seat, or even used a mosquito swatter. With it‘s legendary versatility, there’s a reason so many packs on the trail have a Z Lite strapped on.

  • Extra Durable:

    Virtually indestructible, the proprietary closed-cell foam provides lasting, economical comfort.

  • Compact Design:

    Folding design is compact and easy to pack.

  • Layer It:

    Add 1.7 R-Value and protection from punctures when you layer the Z Lite under another sleeping pad.

  • Endless Utility:

    Sleeping pad, sitting pad, mosquito swatter... Fold it and find your best uses!

  • Specifications

    R-Value - 1.7

    Weight - 410g

    Width - 51cm

    Length - 183cm

    Thickness - 2cm

    Packed Dimensions - 51cm x 13cm x 14cm

    Foam Type - Molded closed cell