It was Paul Finlay, Founder and CEO of Hiiker, who shared his personal journey of discovery and love for hiking. Since his youth, Paul has been captivated by the liberating experience of exploring on foot.

From his childhood escapades in the West Coast of Ireland to later retreats from the rigours of college and work, hiking became Paul's preferred avenue for relaxation. However, he faced challenges in finding reliable information about nearby hiking trails, inspiring him to embark on a mission to document trails worldwide.

Starting with a personal app, Paul received encouraging feedback from friends, family, and fellow hikers, prompting him to expand his vision into what is now Hiiker. As the Founder and CEO, Paul and his team are dedicated to providing easy access to the world's best long-distance hiking trails.

Their platform offers thousands of backpacking and hiking adventures, complete with reviews, photos, and accommodation recommendations. Beyond facilitating exploration, Hiiker aims to cultivate a deeper connection between individuals and the natural world.

By promoting outdoor activity and encouraging people to experience the world on foot, Paul and his team hope to instill a sense of responsibility towards nature and each other. Furthermore, Hiiker actively partners with trail organisations worldwide to support trail management and maintenance, ensuring the sustainability of these trails for future generations.


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