NORTENT Vern 2 Person 4 Season Backpacking Tent

By Nortent

NORTENT Vern 2 is an extremely robust tent with plenty of room for 2 people along with equipment and cooking. Very suitable for the longer hikes into the wilderness far away from houses and cabins where you really need reliable protection against the elements... With its aerodynamic shape and many possibilities for anchoring the tent to the ground, this tent is a true friend which will keep you safe in the different elements. We believe you should not have to fight the elements but rather become one with and thrive in them.

Vern 2 is designed to provide clean and correct lines that blend in with nature. We have placed great emphasis on the tent being able to be set up quickly and easily without obstacles. With a little practice you should be able to set up the tent in 3-4 minutes where you both can then crawl into a warm and safe sleeping bag.

All exposed areas on the outer fabric are reinforced with Dyneema. Dyneema is considered the world's strongest fibre. It is therefore entirely appropriate that we use this fabric fibre in these tents.


  • Features

    The flysheet made of silnylon is of course waterproof. But like all quality tents with this type of fabric, the seams should be lubricated with a special mixture of silicone so that the seams are 100% water proof.

    However, a dense tent presents a challenge, and that is air circulation. If the air is not circulated, you will experience condensation inside walls of the outer flysheet (not inside the inner tent). Ventilation is therefore absolutely essential to avoid this. Vern 2 is therefore equipped with 4 air valves. Two air valves at the bottom at each end of the tent, where fresh air can find its way in, and one above each of the two entrances where moist air finds its way out. The two air valves at the top also function as an extra overhang and protection against rain when you leave the entrance open.

    Vern 2 has two very spacious awnings where there is plenty of space for a backpack, shoes and other equipment. At the same time, the awnings are well adapted for cooking and use of cooking equipment

    At the awning you will find a spacious inner tent with plenty of space for two persons where the inner tent easily accommodates two 190x60 cm sleeping pad in addition to gear and clothes.

    For cold days you can seal the doors in the inner tent completely. For hot days you can open them, but still and at the same time, have mosquito net covering the entrances against insects.

    We have equipped the inner tent with a total of 8 storage pockets so that you can keep all your small stuff and gear in order..

    You can open both entrances to bring "nature" into the tent. On wet and harsh days, the design of the tent still provides shelter from the weather and wind with both entrances open. In really stormy weather, you may prefer to close it completely. But still, there is of course the possibility of doing all your cooking in the awning.. Vern 2 is designed for flexible use where you are presented with many different options to let nature into the tent, but at the same time be protected from wind and rain.

    Vern 2 is designed for use through four seasons. When the snow falls, or during extreme weather, we recommend the use of the crossing pole that runs over the entire long side of the tent. This pole stiffens the tent and makes it partially free-standing. The pole also makes the tent more robust against snow that often settles on the fabric itself.

  • Specifications

    4 seasons
    Capacity: 2 persons
    Flysheet: Ripstop silnylon 30D, HH 3000mm
    Guylines: Dyneema 14 pcs
    Pegs/ stakes: 24 aluminium Y-peg (300 g)
    Pole: Five 9mm high quality aluminium (750g)
    Weight min: 3.9kg
    Weight max: 4.2kg
    Height: 115 cm
    Length: 320 cm
    Width: 223-238 cm