3mm Titanium pegs or stakes are fantastic for getting through tough ground and holding your shelter down in the worst of storms.

However the grey material is far too easy to miss on most earth floor matter. In mud, gravel, long grass, in the bushes, in the autumn and frost covered ground.

A heavy gust of wind and your peg could be flicked into the undergrowth making it virtually impossible to find them again in the bramble, heather or bushes.

This simple technique costs pennies, but may save the day when you need it most. Heat shrinking tube can be cut with scissors, slid onto the pegs and then heated in the oven, or with a hair dryer until it shrinks and holds tight on the peg.

Providing you with a splash of colour and chance to find it again. It also works well on cook pot handles too.

If you leave it too long the material will just split, so do it again.

If you don’t leave it long enough the tube will slip off the peg, so pop it back into the oven.

 Author: Bob Cartwright