Enlightened Equipment is driven by a relentless passion for crafting exceptional gear that accompanies adventurers wherever their journeys take them. With a commitment to intelligence and lightness, the company focuses on eliminating unnecessary features, ensuring users carry only what they need. Through rigorous testing and continuous refinement, Enlightened Equipment strives to make their designs the best and lightest they can be.

Founder Tim Marshall began sewing quilts in his basement in 2007. What started as a personal pursuit soon grew into a thriving business as demand for Enlightened Equipment soared. Today, with over 50 dedicated employees, the company operates out of a sprawling 50,000 square foot facility in Winona, MN.

Over a decade since its humble beginnings, Enlightened Equipment remains dedicated to handcrafting custom products that facilitate unforgettable wilderness experiences. Each item offered is meticulously crafted through endless tinkering, modifying, and updating to ensure it enlightens all adventures.

  • How do users use a sleeping quilt? Sleeping quilts are an integral part of a sleep system, alongside tents, sleeping pads, and base layer clothing. Properly considering each component ensures an effective sleep system tailored to users' needs and the conditions they encounter.

  • How do users attach a quilt to a sleeping pad? Quilts utilise strap systems for attachment, typically featuring flat or loop straps that secure the quilt to the sleeping pad via clips. This setup ensures a snug fit for optimal comfort and warmth.

  • Are quilts good for side sleepers? Indeed, quilts offer enhanced versatility for side sleepers due to their ability to be adjusted and moved freely. Whether users prefer a snug fit or a looser feel, quilts adapt to their sleeping style for a more natural and comfortable rest.

  • What's the difference between a sleeping bag and a sleeping quilt? While sleeping bags fully envelop the user from head to toe, sleeping quilts provide coverage primarily to essential areas. Quilts lack the hood and underside insulation of sleeping bags, offering a more adaptable sleeping experience tailored to varying temperatures and preferences.

Enlightened Equipment's quilts are made with high-quality materials, such as 800-fill power down or the alternative APEX Synthetic fill, and are available in a range of temperature ratings to suit different climates, seasons, and natural sleeping temperatures.

When faced with a brand like Enlightened Equipment it can often be overwhelming as to which option to go for. There are a huge range of styles, shapes and functions to choose from. Thankfully we stock some of the company’s best-known models such as the Revelation and the Enigma.

It’s best to consider what you want performance-wise from a quilt. Do you want something that will mean your pack is ultra light, or do you simply need something that will keep you warm?

Need some more advice on keeping warm at night? Why not check out our recent sleeping bag guide?



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use an Enlightened Equipment quilt?

Enlightened Equipment quilts are best used when you know the temperature is going to be relatively low. A sleeping bag will keep you warm, but a quilt is perfect for creating a warmer, more comfortable pocket of air around you in combination with a sleeping pad. Perfect for longer treks, they are incredibly lightweight when thinking about pack size.

Does Enlightened Equipment use treated down?

Enlightened Equipment does not use waterproof treated down. They say, “While both down types have their pros and cons, ultimately the situations where treated down excels are infrequent.”

Is Enlightened Equipment synthetic or down?

It depends as to which quilt you opt for as Enlightened Equipment uses mainly down, but has some synthetic models.

How much does the Enlightened Equipment Enigma quilt weigh?

The Enlightened Equipment Enigma quilt weighs 21.19 Ounces, or around 600.72g.

What is the difference between the Enlightened Equipment Revelation and Enigma quilt?

Simply put, the only real difference is the Enigma has a sewn-in footbox and the Revelation does not. This makes the Revelation more versatile and the Enigma easier to use for someone transitioning from a sleeping bag to quilt or those who like warmer feet.