SOL Map Compass


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Ideal for new wayfinding adventurers and unexpected emergencies, the SOL Map Compass offers dependable and convenient readings.

Utilise the 2” liquid-filled base to get accurate compass bearings. The beveled edge featuring metric and imperial measurements ensures easy map reading. At under 30g, easily store in your pocket or wear around your neck with the breakaway lanyard. Intended for use in the northern hemisphere, explore your world with the SOL Map Compass.

  • Features

    Military Style
    When digital systems fail, turn to this trusted compass design for accurate compass bearings.
    Liquid Filled
    Liquid-filled compass for easy and accurate readings.
    Sighting Wire
    Calibrate your compass and sight in on an object or landmark.
    Rotating Bezel
    For easy route-finding.
    Intended for use in the northern hemisphere.