Petzl, a family business, has evolved into the largest European manufacturer of personal protective equipment for individuals working or engaging in outdoor activities or in low-light or elevated environments.

Rooted in the 1930s in southeastern France, Petzl's story began when craftsman Fernand Petzl delved into caving. Inspired by his experiences, Fernand envisioned tools for exploring darkness and heights, eventually marketing his first products in 1968, formally establishing Petzl in 1970.

Over the decades, the Petzl family has cultivated a stable environment conducive to creative solutions and industrial excellence, with the new generation poised to continue this tradition.

As an independent entity, Petzl operates outside the stock market, taking pride in making autonomous decisions, assuming responsibility, and maintaining a sustainable long-term vision. 

Petzl's products are crafted with a focus on simplicity, durability, and efficiency. 

All products are designed and constructed at Petzl's headquarters in the French Alps.


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