Nestled along the rugged Oregon Coast, FarPointe Outdoor Gear epitomises meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to functional design. Specialising in handmade, small-batch outdoor clothing crafted from a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics, FarPointe caters to adventurers seeking reliable performance in any environment.

Led by founder Joe LaPointe, the brand's ethos centres on a dedication to innovation and quality. With an ultralight approach to production and a keen eye for detail, each FarPointe garment is meticulously designed and tested to ensure optimal performance in various seasons and terrains.

From thermal bottoms to crewnecks and caps adorned with cosy earflaps, FarPointe's catalog of Alpha UL apparel showcases a seamless fusion of functionality and understated elegance. Despite the synthetic materials utilised, the brand prides itself on delivering tangible results that meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts.

Joe LaPointe's journey from the kitchens of a coastal seafood restaurant to the helm of FarPointe Outdoor Gear underscores a passion for craftsmanship and a pursuit of purpose. With a firsthand understanding of the importance of quality gear in outdoor pursuits, Joe infuses each product with a blend of technical expertise and soulful craftsmanship.

As an avid trailblazer himself, Joe approaches product development as both an art and a science, continually refining his creations to meet the evolving needs of his fellow adventurers. His commitment to innovation is evident in collaborations with industry peers and a relentless pursuit of new materials and designs.

Despite the brand's humble beginnings, FarPointe Outdoor Gear has experienced significant growth, fuelled by a community of like-minded individuals drawn to its ethos of quality and innovation. 


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